The Authors & Artist

Jake, Lisa, and Doug on the Konza Prairie, Dec., 2010

Jake, Lisa, and Doug on the Konza Prairie, Dec., 2010

JAKE VAIL lives in the Wakarusa watershed and works as a librarian in Lawrence, Kansas. A former agricultural researcher, editor, and certified arborist, he has traveled extensively in Kansas and the Lower 48. His essays and reviews reflecting on natural and cultural history have appeared in several local journals and blogs, Wild Earth, The Land Report, New Farm, and via the Prairie Writers Circle.

DOUG HITT holds an M.A. in Earth Literacy and has studied with eco-philosopher Joanna Macy. He convenes and facilitates ongoing conversations in deep ecology and cosmological literacy. Doug is a native Kansan and a practicing physical therapist. He tends home on the banks of Spring Creek in northwest Douglas County.

LISA GROSSMAN is a painter and printmaker in Lawrence, Kansas, whose work focuses on the wide skies, prairies, and river valleys of Kansas. She has degrees from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the University of Kansas. She has shown extensively around the Midwest and on either coast and is represented by galleries in Missouri, Kansas, and New Mexico. Her work is included in numerous museum, public, and private collections. You can view her work at This is her first book of illustrations.

Hear an interview with the three of us on KPR: Kaye McIntyre talked with us in September, at the Kansas Book Festival, after we received our 2013 Notable Book Awards. Our portion of the hour-long show begins 6 or 7 minutes in:

Doug and Jake also had a long chat with Marcia Epstein at, in January of 2015. It’s available online at:


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